8400gt vs hd4550

Hi there,

I currently have a nvidia 8500gt from winfast and I recently own another hd 4550 from sapphire.
Both are crap, but which one is better?:)
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  1. LE: I mean 8500gt :)
  2. i forgot to mention it is a 8500 gt tdh ddr3 256 mb. does it make any difference?
  3. well, i guess not, both are weak cards from the start...
  4. strange problem: after installing the hd4550 my monitor does not display at full size. Drivers are installed ok, 1920/1080, but the monitor shows a black "belt" around the display even when I start the computer and windows didn't start yet.
  5. That's driver issue, try different driver...
  6. well, even when I'm in bios it's the same thing, so the drivers are not loaded yet. it's like the display was rescaled to a smaller size than my monitor.
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