Gtx 460 or hd 5770 or hd 5750 at 1440x900

i needed to buy a graphics card cuz iam sick of the core i3 built in graphics.
iam using a ViewSonic VA1716w its a decent monitor and it doesn't eat up my already crowded desk so which card is better for the money and is future proof at that rez in other words which one will be powerful enough to run Crysis at max?

for the heck of it my specs are
Intel core i3 530 @2.9Ghz (not into overclocking)
Gigabyte H55-USB3 Motherboard socket 1156
2gb kingston ddr3 1333MHz ram (still not into overclocking)
a quality 300 watt PSU (getting a quality 450 watt PSU with the graphics card)
WD 500GB Hard Drive

thx in advance
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  1. Crysis... Pah! Try Metro 2033 at Very High DX11 ;)
    For full eye- candy the GTX460 is a must, even at that resolution.
    If you are prepared to suffer 'high' as opposed to 'very high' the HD5770 is plenty, under a E6600 mine could run Crysis at 'high' @ 1920x1200 with playable framerates and was benching at around 44 FPS at that resolution.
  2. well metro 2033 isn't my type of fps but i might pop it and try it anyways the gtx 460 I was gonna get was the 768 MB version.
  3. Plus is there a significant diffrence between very high and high? if there is i could lower the AA to 2 instead of 4
  4. no iam not gonna buy it iam gonna *cough* get *cough* from a er....... ummmmm.......
    Somwhere thats nice and very very cheap *cough* to***nt* anyways would be nice to play crysis at very high with a 5770 honestly iam not sure where iam gonna come up with the money if i get a GTX 460
  5. I fear another 768Mb vs 1 Gb fight here, but for that resolution the 768 is plenty.
    It's just a matter of how you plan to keep/upgrade/replace the system.
    For the longest service life the GTX460 is the way to go.
    Less expensive is the HD5770, which is plenty for most games at 1440x900 right now but lacks the overhead to handle (probably) more demanding future DX11 titles.
    Me I'd look closely at the prices of both, because there can be as little as $40 U.S.
    between them and the GTX460 is a far stronger card.
  6. dammit i knew the answer was gonna end up the GTX 460 now wth am i gonna come up with the money iam still waiting for my old system to be sold
    forgot to mention i need a card that will last for 2-3 years wich is a long time iam probably gonna drop gaming when i hit 18 anyways.
  7. bad luck there my dad insisted he get a friend to sell it for me unfortunatly that means iam gonna have to wait about a week and my school starts in 4 days + my old pc would be lucky to rake up 500LE surprise i live in egypt
    its specs where An old P4 CPU
    A Biostar p4m900 - m7 SE MOBO
    2.5gb of ddr2 ram at 667MHZ
    A Western digital 160GB hard drive
    An old Geforce 7200 GS
    a 300watt PSU from an unknown manufacturer

    anyways this a hardware forum not a financial aid site thx for the answers people
    if i get the money the gtx 460 is the way to go
    if i dont i use what i got and get the 5770
    if i fail completely ill get the 5750 (if gremlins eat my extra 200 LE)
    but i thought the 5770 if it cant handle future dx11 games then that would really suck
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