Worth upgrading???

Hi everyone!

Was just wondering, guess it is time to upgrade!


Mobo is ASUS commando
CPU: E6600 OC@3.02 Ghz
GFX: Sparkle Calibre 8800 GTX, 768MB, clocks are factory OC-ed to:

GPU clock 630Mhz
Memory clock 980Mhz
Shader 1350Mhz
according to GPU-Z

2 GB DDR2 RAM Corsair xms2 pc6400 800Mhz
PSU is Enermax Infinity 720w
NZXT Zero Case

Was thinking about HD4870 or 260 280GTX.

Any ideas?
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  1. Some new Ram wouldn't hurt, but that is going to mean a motherboard upgrade. And if you are going to do that, you should probably upgrade your CPU, too. If you want to go cheap, get an AMD Dual Core or something. If I were you as for the video cards, I would go with either the 4870 or the 280gtx, the 280gtx is probably the more powerful.
  2. The cpu isnt that bad, you could keep your cpu and mobo and just add another 2 gigs of ram. If you ask me, it would be better to get some more powerful gpu like gtx 460 or even better amd 6950, you have a quite powerful PSU and there is no need to go for old gpu-s :)
  3. Thanks,

    about that RAM, i have two gigs of it avaliable, but i have removed it from pc because with 4x1GB, was unable to overclock that much, and almost every boot, mobo beeped!
    So removed the rams and can run CPU at 3ghz.
    Did search and assume those RAMs arent good and stable that much.
    Anyway, While playing GRID at 1920x1080 im getting stable 55-60 FPS, all maxed, NFS Hot Pursuit around 50FPS.
    Still ,tha 8800 GTX is pretty good for its age, and especially this factory OCed version

    Also, i was thinking about new caviar black, as im currently having WD BLUE 250GB HDD , and becomes veeery noisy

    Guess that getting 4870 or 280gtx will not drasticly improve FPS, but getting a 5870 or so, 460gtx, that should

    But will the rest keep it up with that GPUs??
  4. i think you should put your CPU at stock speed and put back your RAM, and spend your money on a HD 4870 X 2 2GB or a hd 5770, and a new hard drive.
  5. Do you think that extra 2GB RAM will make more difference than 600MHz OCing of CPU?
    Everywhere you can read about bottlenecking your GPU with a CPU that is under 3Ghz

    Yeah, have to buy that HDD!

    There is a way, buy e8600 and 2GB of 5870, or rather buy new x58mobo and i7...

    Dont feel like spending a grand on new pc :D
  6. sorry, I read your CPU as Q6600, according to ASUS site (http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=wWs3CTw57UtxaaHw) your motherboard can support core2quad and extremes and up to 8GB RAM, this is a great board, you might want to get new ram which are good for overclocking. but i dont see the point in getting a new board.
  7. And here is good advice 6850 or 460 1GB
    4GB is really important, if you can only overclock well with 2GB
    try getting someone who does not overclock to trade you for
    4GB 2x2GB for your 4x1GB buying DDR2 is expensive now.
    Nothing wrong with your current CPU @3GHZ I really had mine @ 3.6
    but usually game at 3GHZ as my games are not that demanding.
  8. Thanks, i have put the ram back so now have 4GB
    But i can get the windows to start unless i leave RAM freq. on auto in BIOS, wich sets it to 667MHz while cpu at 3Ghz

    Now is BIG ONE:

    I dont want SLI or Crossfire,

    here is the list, your comments are more than welcome :D

    GTX 285 1GB, this one is pretty good, prices around 200 GBP
    GTX 460, some say less powerfull than 285 is, but has dx11, wich isnt that important to me, but is newer, therefore less heat etc.... around 200+ GBP

    GTX 260 216 the newer version of it, this one is cheap,bang for buck for around 80 GBP, pretty good against 4870

    GTX 295 will be nice but that is expensive and games that dont support SLI, wont make any difference over GTX285 i guess

    ATI 4870, pretty good, cheap, but not sure about it, 80GBP
    ATI 5770, some say less powerfull than 4870? 90GBP
    ATI 5870 Vapor x, 200 GBP guess it will outperform all cards above

    Any ides please post them!

  9. I would go with the 5770 or a 6850
  10. Gigabyte GTX 460 Super OverClock Edition 1GB - £169.99 - http://www.ebuyer.com/product/245520
  11. 460>285
  12. Hi there!

    Thanks for all your posts :hello:

    Give it a long thought, and finnaly came with somthin :bounce:

    Ordered Zotac 260GTX core 216 for 98 Pounds
    Q6600 soon, planning to OC it to 3.1 Ghz

    Guess that will make great improvement over my current rig.
    Havent go for 460 GTX because i wont be able to use its full potential
    Later on will go for an i5 or i7 rig so then :D

    So once again, thanXXX

    Now have so sell my loved Calibre 8800GTX :( :pfff:
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