Graphics card Sharing 3.5Gb of RAM


I have 8Gb of RAM and my Graphics card has 256Mb dedicated ram, but it is reporting as 3.7Gb so its taking about 3.5Gb of my system RAM.

Is there any way to stop this or reduce the amount being shared?
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  1. Well you could, but you dont really want to.
    That is the amount of memory that "COULD" be used for graphic card information.
    Whether it be textures for games, 3D dimentional maps , Wireframe models, and the cpu calculated data that the video card needs .
    The memory is still there and can be reallocated as needed. But in graphic intensive mode this area of memory is mapped for cpu video card use.
    It is much faster to have a large preset size , than to constantly re-allocate swap file size.
    With the large buffer size you get large sequitential memory reads. Not fragmented reads. Fragmented reads are much slower.
  2. So really its not constantly taking 3.5Gb, but will use it when playing games, so theres no need to change anything ok.

    Thanks for the reply Rick_Criswell
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