Broken SATA Data Pins port in Hard Drive

I've been lurking around forums to forums to find a solution to my hard drive. This happens when I install new DVD drives and unplugged everything including the HDD. When I plugged back the cable on the HDD Sata port, I accidentally bent the pins so I straighten and used superglue to attach it. It loads slow so I tried and check again then accidents happen, I pulled out 4 pins leaving me 3 pins (2 - 3 - 4) I heard soldering is another way to solve the problem and the other one is replacing it but I don't know really how to. Is there a way to fix it and salvage the data? I don't want to pay thousands just to recover something. Please, I'm really depress over it. Those files are my life. I have no money for the recovery since I'm poor.

This is how it looks like >>

Please don't tell me there's nothing I can do with it.
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  1. It can be fixed, it would need to have a SATA cable soldered directly to the drive itself or have the sata connector block replaced (e.g. desolder one from a similar drive and swap it). Anyone who's experienced in electrical component repair and soldering could do it. All it would take is a spare SATA data cable, and about 5 minutes.
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