what color power and reset plugs in for motherboard on roswell case -

Hello, need to find out proper + _ colors for a power and reset plugs for motherboard. I don't have the + - on the plugs but there is on the mother board. I do have colors so I lined them up accordingly. green/ red. If anyone knows anything different or if it doesn't matter please post comment
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  1. Usually on case connections they use black or white for negative.
  2. Ok I have one with black and one with white I'll check again

    Checked and lined the white/ black wires with the - side the other colors with the + side. I really don't understand why they wouldn't have them marked unless it didn't matter. The ones that are marked do have the white/black wires on the - side. I going with that. I'm still waiting on power supply and video card. I should have it here by tomorrow after work.
  3. The Power and reset are just momentary switches. matching wire color or polarity shouldn't matter.
  4. Thank you I was thinking the same thing :). This is my first PC build I just want to make sure I have my I's dotted and T's crossed. Now I still have to wait for my Power supply & video card :(
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