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Palit GTX 465 and MSI afterburner

So I just noticed last night that every time I shut down or the PC goes into Hybernation that I lose my overclock settings in MSI afterburner. My custom fan profile remains but clocks get reset to factory. I've only noticed this since installing Windows 7 64 bit, I think it was working on 32 bit XP. Not a big deal, it's easy enough to move the sliders when I restart but it's a little anoying. Anyone experience this before?
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    I think you need to go into the 'Settings' menu and make sure that Afterburner applies the oc settings at startup. It does not do it by default. I believe you can enable startup oc without needing to enable Afterburner to start with Windows.
  2. Ok I'm a moron I found it now. It's in settings under the profiles tab you have to select a 2D and 3D profile to use under automatic profile management. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
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