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Best way to solve IDE/SATA problem

I have an IDE motherboard MSI 890GXM-G65 RT, and SATA hard drive WD1002FAEX and Blu-Ray drive.

From what I understand, my options are:

1) Get an IDE-to-SATA converter for the MB
2) Get IDE hard drive and BD-Rom
3) Get SATA-to-IDE converters for HD and BD-Rom

My concern is with performance - one reason I got this specific mobo and HD is because of 6.0Gb/s transfer speed. Is that going to be affected with converters?

So - what do you think is my best option?
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    you have 5 SATA slots, why would you use IDE?
  2. rajaawad23 said:
    you have 5 SATA slots, why would you use IDE?

    Doh! I didn't notice the SATA slots at all.. I'm such an idiot. Thank you so much!
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