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Power Supply Dead?

Hello everyone,

I have a:

i7 860 3.0ghz
4g Ram
Gigabyte ga-p55-usb3
ATI 5770 1g
and a Xclio 500w power supply.

I shut the computer off this morning and brought it up to school with me, and since then if I plug it in I get the light on the back of the power supply to turn on for less than a second, the fans spin for that same amount of time, and then it all goes off. The power supply doesn't get the light again and I can hear a very quiet clicking sound coming from it. If I unplug it and leave it for a bit and plug it back in this all repeats, but the light will not come on if it is still clicking (nor does it stay on for more than a half second).

Is this simply a dead power supply? Or should I worry that I damaged something else. The computer was handeled with great care the whole move, and nothing on it was damaged.

If this is the power supply, what would you guys recommend that I can replace it with? The only requirement is that it needs to be on the cheaper side since I do not have much money right now.

This is what I was looking at replacing it with:

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  1. Yeah Xclio is not so great. Sounds like it's dead to me, have you smelled the back of it, does it smell burnt?

    That's a good deal on that OCZ, I'd go for it.
  2. Does not smell burnt, but I can't even get the computer to power on in any shape or form. Like I said, the most it does is spin the fans for a quarter second and then goes out.

    I'm just deathly afraid it would be something else.
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    This is a better quality unit, no rebate to mess with.
  4. I know my current is 500w and this happened to it,

    Should I be looking to go higher than that, or is 500w enough? I do overclock my CPU a bit, but there is no voltage increase.
  5. This is much higher quality than a Xclio. The Xclio's real power is probably somewhere around 400w and it's not very efficient.

    The 500w Antec is more than enough. If you decide you want to upgrade that video card to something like a GTX580, you should go with something a bit more powerful like this:

    Seasonic is very high quality.
  6. i agree with geekapproved. the antec earthwatts 500w is a much better psu.

    look at any of like the first 5 of these videos to see what cheap psus like to do.
  7. Come to think of it I may have not turned the power supply off when I unplugged it. Probably a very dumb mistake.
  8. shouldnt matter.
  9. Hey man The ocz psu is a good pick. I have used an 700 and an 850 with no problems but have had cheap psu take out a board and memory..
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