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I noticed there is an update for ATI 5XXX this for updating the driver? I'm running Vista btw.
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  1. Yes. Windows Vista and Win7 will pull the updates for your hardware for you. I'm not sure it is as immediate as going to the actual site, but it is the updated drivers, etc.
  2. I had my card for almost a yr...and this is the first time I noticed it. I wonder what version is it...should I even install it?
  3. Don't bother if you regularly update the ATI drivers from AMD/ATI's website. For example, the latest Catalyst Software Suite is 10.9.
  4. I'm running a 5850 on Win7 and I noticed the optional update for HD 5800 series. I was already running version 10.8, but I updated anyway, and I'm still at 10.8.

    It was a 14 MB update so I'm pretty sure it wasn't a full driver upgrade. I'm pretty clueless as to what it actually was.
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