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I am considering upgrading my system with a SSD to run alongside my HDD. If I do this i would plan on running OS and maybe some important programs on the SSD while keeping the rest of my files on the HDD. I would plan on doing a fresh install of windows 7 but i am unsure about how my two hard drives would run together and how the final result would work. Also how would i go about clearing all of the OS files off for my HDD after my SSD is set up and running.

Thank you
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  1. Install the OS with the HDD disconnected. AFter it is loaded attach the HD and copy the data you need. Once you are sure then format the HDD and you have all the space available. Then you can install other programs on it. If you choose not to format it you can manually delete the OS folders on the HDD but I would format.
  2. Thank you,
    So now another question if you don't mind. I have a BIOSTAR TA990FXE motherboard and I am looking this SSD:
    samsung 840 pro

    Do you think this will be a solid match? will I be able to get solid performance out of the SSD? Also I am assuming that installing windows on an SSD is the same as on a regular HDD but i would like to confirm this before i get into anything.

    Thank you
  3. most any sataIII SSD drive will be fine and the samsung 840 is an excellent choice.

    as long as the SSD is the only drive connected while installing, you will have no issues (besides whatever M$ voodoo could do)

    FYI; if you install with more than one drive connected during installation then if later you disconnect the second drive, it will send the Master Boot Record flonky and will need fixed with the instillation disk.
  4. So just make sure that only the SSD is installed when I load windows. ok.

    Im assuming ill have to change my boot options in BIOS to boot from SSD?

    When plugging he HDD back in after installation will it run as normal?? will it just be another drive in my computer section??
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    oh, make sure you enable AHCI for the SSD before installing to make use of the TRIM and garbage collecting features. i enable AHCI for years with all sata drives its always better than IDE mode.

    you pretty much got the idea, connect the other HD after installtion and format it if necessary.

    if you need this
    Formatting a Hard Drive in Windows 7 Tutorial
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