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Hey guys, i currently have 6GB corsair triple channel ram and i am thinking of getting 6gb more for smoother after effects rendering and i want to make sure that the ram i am getting will be compatible and optimum with the ram already in my pc.

Here's the RAM i am planning to get:

And here is a cpu-z screenshot of what's already in my pc:

My Mobo is Asus P6T and i am running Core i7 920 @ stock, you will say lulwhat? yeah i know, too afraid to overclock :o
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    Looks like it will work together, voltage and timing the same.
  2. Ok cool thanks, i was thinking of getting Dominator before but i know that it will scale down to my current slower ram, besides does any body know that dominator will help me more in after effects or is it the total size that matters?

    I do game alot too but as i said i am no overclocker :D
  3. You will gain more from quantity than the speed.
  4. Yeah that was my guess too, my current performance in ae is far from acceptable.
    Thanks again for a quick reply.
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