Ich7r raid 5 one offline member

(excuse me for my poor english, but I'm french)
after a bsod, all of my three disk of my raid 5 volume were offline.
After a clear cmos, two of them were ok.
But the last one still stay offline.
No problem during boot sequence (disk is recognize)
Any idea ?
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  1. probably lost synchonization. see if you can resync it and if not reinitialize & rebuild it.
  2. I success to start W7 and in the matrix storage manager, my drive is out of the raid volume and its status is "non raid".
    The only action I can do on it is "reset hd to non raid".
    Is it the right action to do ?
    Will I be able to add it after to the raid volume ?
  3. Hello,
    before doing something unrecoverable, I try to disconnect one by one my disk.
    I get in the storage manager two raid volumes
    volume 0
    member 0
    member 2
    volume 1
    member 3
    How can I do to get
    volume 0
    member 0
    member 2
    member 3
    WITHOUT lost my data :-)
    thx for help
  4. Disconnecting disks (other than the failed drive) on a RAID 5 is a sure way to get into trouble. Why don't you simply replace the failed drive if you can't bring it back online?
  5. I'm not sure that the offline disk is dead.
    It's recognize during post, so I think it only have lost synchronisation.
    With this idea, I try to recover my full raid 5 without doing sonething wrong (and not to lost my data)
    Perhaps my idea is completly wrong, so don't hesitate to say it to me
  6. What happens if you set the drive to online? A RAID is not a backup. Don't you have a complete backup on an external disk or other media?
  7. I've no backup of this raid volume, and no disk for backup it.
    I think I will buy a disk before doing anything.
    I can see my data when my pc is start.
    My logical drive is ok, but the raid volume is composed normally by three hd
    is not ok, only two hd on the three.
    If I can backup my data before, I will first try to repair the volume (I will tell you if it's successful)
    if not, I will completly break and rebuild my raid volume.
    Many thanks for help :hello:
  8. Adding a new drive and rebuilding the RAID should resolve the issue.
  9. Hello,

    I received my new big drive (for data backup).
    First step : backing up data (running)

    I will keep you informed

  10. some drives should not be put in a raid. What drives are you using (Manufacturer and model # please)
  11. Hello,

    fyi :
    3 disks SEAGATE BARRACUDA 7200.10 SATA - 250 GO - 16 MO

    I success to rebuild my raid volume :bounce:

    What I've done :
    backup up my data on my new drive
    raid state :
    volume 0 : degrade
    disk 1
    disk 2
    volume 1 : failed
    disk 3 --> disk to add to volume 0
    during boot, ctrl + i to manage raid
    delete volume 1
    message "all data on... destroy", brrr, answer yes
    after (I don't remember if there was a reboot), message : "new disk available...", answer yes
    raid state :
    volume 0 : REBUILD
    disk 1
    disk 2
    disk 3

    Since last night, my drive is in rebuild mode (80% rebuild)...
    So we can rebuild without backup data before, but I prefer doing this safety.

    Thx for help :hello:
  12. I always recommend a backup before rebuilding because another drive could fail while rebuilding. Regardless, regular backups should always be performed just in case.
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