DVD drive found only after resuming from Sleep

Hi All,

Looking for some help here from a very unusual problem.

I have a Plextor 716-A DVD drive in my machine that's running Windows 7 32-bit, ASUS P5Q deluxe MB and 2 x SATA HDD's.
The DVD drive is not found by Windows on start-up, it does not appear in My Computer or in Computer Management - basically Windows knowns nothing about it.

The DVD drive is found in the BIOS and I can see it's being loaded during boot-up. I can use the drive as a bootable drive.

The drive is only discovered by Windows when I enter and then resume from sleep mode or hibernation and works fine.

I've gone through every article I could find on the Web from Mr Fix it to the Upper/Lower Filters regedit.

Any ideas?

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  1. Can u check your power properties, make sure that the drive does not turn off after some time, set it to never.
  2. The drive is powered up as it displays a green LED light.

    I'm not sure if there are any settings I can adjust within Windows 7 for power to this drive. There is nothing in the Device Manager properties.
  3. oh and just to clarify this DVD drive is on an IDE connection.
  4. I contacted Plextor and it looks like this drive isn't supported by Win 7 - think it's time to bin it!
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