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Looking for a good case (first build)

I am currently looking at either an Antec 300, a Cooler Master storm scout or a Rosewill cruiser, going to be using an ATX motherboard with a HIS Radeon 6950 graphics card, so looking for a case that can hold that as well. If possible I would dearly love for it to have a window, but if there's a better case without one that would be OK as well. Cable management would be a nice feature, but again not needed but if it's included go for it, also would like to have mounts for extra fans.
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    I would stick with high-quality builders like Antec,CM,and Lian-Li.
    Here's some suggestions i've thrown in the 690II because it's a fabulous case with tons of cooling options.As well as an available windowed side panel from CM if you wanted to add one later.
    I've also added the 300 Illusion because it's a much better value then the regular version.=extra fans.
    I've owned a 300 which was replaced with a CM690II Basic.
    The CM690II is a better case imo.
    The Lancool case is very nice and is often on sale at Newegg.
    With that said it really wouldn't matter which one you bought.
    You could do alot worse then these top-notch choices.
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