SSD and HDD Conflict

Now excuse me if I use the the wrong phrases here, but there seems to be conflict between my OCZ Agility 64GB SSD and my Hitachi 1TB HDD.
I have Windows installed on my SSD, but when I want to install programs on my HDD the installer wont let me use the D : / path for my files. Whenever I select it, the installer just reverts back to the C :/ path (my SSD) This means I have to type the HDD path manually and files usually end up installing corrupted.
Does anyone know why? Any help will be much appreciated :)

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  1. Sorry to sound desperate, but any help is really appreciated, I'm itching to use this system to it's full potential and this SSD problem is stopping me.
  2. The default install location is going to be your C:\

    You will need to change the target to D:\ when you install the software.

    How to do so depends on the installer. Usually they will give you a Text box and you can simply change the C to D. For other installers, the text box is locked and they require that the destination folder already exist. In these instances you will need to create the folder, then launch the installer, then select the folder you created using browse.

    What are you installing that needs to go to D:/?
  3. Thank you ever so much for the reply,
    However, that is the problem, when I change the target folder to D : /, it just reverts back to C : /. I think I may need to mess around with some thing in regedit, which I have also tried already.
    Oh and it's Flight Simulator X I am installing :)
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