I scratched my PCB's back T.T

Hi folks; this is my first post here since i'm a french web user ^^ so excuse me in advance for my bad english! :D
here is my problem, i'll try to be quick&simple:
When i wanned to install my ventirad CoolerMaster Hyper 212 in my Gigabyte EX38-DQ6 i had some troubles with the istallation because of the crazycool bronze plate :pfff: , so, i did, accidently scrath (softly) T.T the rear side of the PCB so i hit two lines (the blue color is gone, now i see a 2mm of white scratch), and now the first and second DDR2 bank won't work T.T when i putt the Ram in the Yellow Dimm the M.B won't start at all, and still restart continusly in the boot (about 25~30sec between each restart), and when i putt the Ram in the Red one i hear a continous BEEP o.O" and the MB won't start (no reboot this time, it was like there's no Ram at all) but if i use only the 3rd and 4th one, the MB starts fine, and i have no more troubles in Windows, i tested some games like (crysis and grid @ full details) everything worked fine, even i did try to OC and tested in stress mode, it worked fine too; so, i wanna know if there's any solution to make the 1st and 2nd Dimms work again, and try to fix the (stupid) scratch that i made HELP ME plz :sweat:

thank you in advance!
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    You can attempt to repair the circuit traces using a conductive pen like the following:

    You can try searching for a local vendor of the product.
  2. Nice, thanks for this quick answer mate, i didn't knew this product before, it looks easy to use, i'll look for it! someone tested this pen already?
  3. I've known people that have used it and it works.

    You just have to make sure you shake the pen thoroughly before you use it to mix the silver particles into the epoxy carrier otherwise it won't conduct because the silver particles tend to settle out over time.
  4. holy crap that conductive pen is awesome, i didnt know there was such a thing. i could have used that quite a few times.
  5. gr8t, thanks for your help, i'll buy this pen as soon as i can :] (it could take some time ... )
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  7. Ok i know this is old, but i done the exact same thing, got scrach on the mobo and now 2 slots are gone. i bought the pen, but did it work?
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