D830 ethernet port stopped working

My Dell D830 Ethernet port stopped working, but I get Internet from the port on my docking station. Can this be fixed?
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    Yes. Try to remove the card,( if it is a card). Reinsert it. Remember to switch off your computer first. If it is integrated onto the motherboard; try to get a 3rd party Ethernet card, only if the Ethernet jack is either integrated onto the motherboard or by reinstalling the card and the card does not work.
  2. More generic replies from Dogman..... sigh

    The D830 is a laptop, and it's ethernet is on the board. No cards to reseat. Does the original network interface appear in device manager? Does it give a "cable is disconnected" status, or does it do something else?
  3. Thanks, mavroxur.

    - Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller appears in device manager, which is the device name associated with Local Area Connection 12 on my Network Connections screen (Status shows "connected.") However, email downloads and web pages always time out.

    - I do not get the system tray balloon "A network cable is unplugged" unless I plug in and then unplug the cable from the back of my laptop. In other words, the port detects that the cable is plugged in or unplugged, but no Internet ...
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