Problem with the Asus ENGTX465 after installation.

Hi guys,

I recently upgraded my video card from a 8800 GT 512 to a Asus ENGTX465 1 GB.

When I play video games such as Modern warfare 2, everything seems to work fine, but usually I get random errors for instance "Direct X error", "Runtime C++ errors"(Doesn't happen that often), another weird thing is that sometimes the game doesn't show its video, just goes blank with a loading bar (in campaign). Some games work fine, but others have the same problems.

Also, when I was browsing the internet my computer also seemed to freeze, there were blotches of pinkish rainbowish pixels on my screen and I had to manually reboot my computer. (Happen to me once so far).

I don't know what's causing this,

My Mother board is a Asus P5k, I haven't really updated any of the chipset drivers. I also haven't download any new sound driver updates since I bought this computer 2 years ago.

Also on another note, I had the shop install this video card, and I did not see him uninstall my old drivers yet... he just took out my old card (8800 GT) and plugged in the new one. After that he installed the new drivers.

The Computer is a Windows XP Service pack 3 (32 bit). (I have also updated my Video card Drivers to the latest version). Please Help! And Please ask if you need anymore information about my computer!


I don't think this is a overheating problem, my computer have 3 fans running and it never gets hot (600 Watt power Supply).

Also, Battlefield Bad Company 2 crashes whenever I try to join a server (On the connecting to server screen), It was running smoothly before with my older card (8800 GT)
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  1. Start by downloading the latest drivers from, then uninstall the old drivers, restart, then install the new drivers and see what that does.
  2. I have installed the latest nvidia driver

    I am not very smart with computers, but how do I uninstall the old driver? I went to device manager, then the Display Adapters, all it showed was the new GTX 465, nothing about my old drivers. I have already checked the show hidden devices option but all i see is the new card.

    I forgot to mention, Starcraft II seems to work smoothly with all settings high.
  3. Go to"Start", then "Control Panel"
    Go to "Add or Remove Programs"
    Scroll down to "Nvidia Display Driver"
    Click on "Remove"
    Then follow the steps to remove the driver.
    Restart when prompted.
    After restart, your monitor will be in a lower default resolution, but don't worry, you're only halfway done.
    Locate your new 258.96 drivers and double click the executable file.
    Follow the prompts to install the driver.
    Restart when prompted.
    After restart, open the Nvidia Control Panel to make sure your screen resolution and settings are correct.
    Play some games and see if the problem is corrected.
  4. Or you could try out the latest beta drivers (260.63) which will give you the option of a clean install meaning it should uninstall the old drivers automatically.
  5. Ok I will try that.

    Just a quick question, there's actually 4 NVIDIA things on add or remove program "Nvidia Display Control Panel", "Nvidia Drivers", "Nvidia nView Desktop Manager" and "NVIDIA Physx".

    Do I just remove the "Nvidia Drivers" one? Sorry guys I am really clueless with this stuff.
  6. It might be worth doing if you haven't done so for quite a while.
  7. Definitely the Nvidia drivers, but to clean out as much stuff as possible, do all of them.
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