GTX 460 6 pin problems

Hello, I am planning to get a GTX 460 Palit Sonic version but I only have one
free 4 - pin power connector available. Is there anyway to turn that 4 pin connector into two 6 pin connectors?
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  1. What power supply do you have?
  2. Not really, and the fact you only have one molex leftover probably means you have a underpowered PSU to begin with, what model is it?
  3. Please provide the brand, model and wattage of your power supply, so we can check things more thoroughly.

    Generally speaking, adapters on this page will get you the connector you need:
  4. Alright, thanks for the replys, here is my Power Supply info.
    Turbo Switching Power Supply
    115/230 Voltage
  5. Well need more info than that, more specifically the ratings for the +12v rail.
  6. Sorry!
    LC-A420ATX 420W ATX (I assume 420 watts?)
    +12v1 +12v2 -12
  7. bismark08 said:
    LC-A420ATX 420W ATX (I assume 420 watts?)
    +12v1 +12v2 -12

    Don't power up an awesome 230.00$ GPU with a lame 25.00$ PSU ;)

    You can get a decent 500w for around 50.00/60.00$.
  8. So buying a new PSU is the best bet?
  9. I don't think hes in the US though, LC Power is an European brand IIRC.

    That PSU isn't Diablotek horrible, but still bad.
    The supposed 336W on the 12v rail (probably overrated) is pretty close to the limit of powering a GTX460, combined with the no-so-great brand makes it pretty much a no-go.
  10. I'm in the US, and thanks for the tips. I will definitely look into getting a new PSU.
  11. Try this Seasonic 520W at $60:

    You don't need one that large, but a 400-500W quality unit costs the same.
  12. Yes, make sure you have 500watts or higher or else you will have some long term issue later on.

    Remember that you also have other parts on your computer that uses some watts from the PSU.

  13. I think the high wattage psu's would be more for you and I would be looking for psu with over 600w. Remember pc updates happen every day and who knows what else you might wont to add to your machine in the near future.

    Plenty of watts and plenty of adapters.

    hope this helps
  14. Yes, dont try your luck powering up that GPU with your current PSU as you may risk overloading the PSU if not right away, while gaming. You may blow your mobo and/or the video card.
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