Dual Op system clone to 840pro 256GB!

My HDD has Windows 7 64B in one partion and Windows XP SP3 in another. I cannot get both these partitions cloned to the Samsung 840 256GB SSD. The HDD has a third DATA partition.
To conform to the clone conditions of only two partitions I deleted the DATA partition.

When running the Samsung cloning software it is impossible to select both OS partitions. I have tried this with the HDD with three and two partitions. It seems that the cloning will not accept two OS partitions.

I am unable to use the SSD as required ie with two OS partitions and dual boot.

Anybody have a suggestion that will work?
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  1. Are you trying to clone two partitions at the same time?... why not one partition per one image?.. Also if you cloned one by one, and just cloned files, partition size would not be a problem and you wouldn't have had to delete the data partition.
  2. Yes I am trying to clone both partitions. Surely cloning should be to copy all on the SSD. But it appears this is not the case using the Samsung Migration software. It seems to select only one op system and one data partition, never two OS partitions.
    I want to use the Samsung software as it adds a small special partition which may be necessary to apply proprietry software to the SSD operation. The SSD does not appear to behave like a HDD in that I tried to restore my Acronis disk image that includes both OS's and it did not work as with my previous experience with HDD drives. Ah the mysteries of SSD perhaps.
    Thanks for you suggestions. I will try different methods, I am hoping someone has a proven experience in this cloning to SSD
  3. The problem is solved :wahoo: . I used Acronis True Image (boot Disk) to clone the SSD having first backed up my third hard drive partition and then deleted that partition. The clone was totally succussful. I then used Acronis Disk Director (Boot disk) to make the hard drive non active. Using the Windows Disk Management I then re-created the third partition on the hard drive, changed the partition drive letters so that the data partition (previously deleted) had its original letter E and then restored all the data.

    Having done all the above I then ran the Samsung Magician software and found that it included cloning software that may have done the job. I believe it is better to do the task with boot disks outside the OS

    In essence my original mistake was to use the Migration software to install the two OS partitions. It is not intended to clone.
  4. Glad you solved it, and thanks for sharing the solution... someone will surely find it usefull.
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