Intel processor Price Drops

I was wondering, when intel releases new processors, based on past statistics...
1. After how long can one expect the prices to drop? Is it dependent on something?
2. If yes, what is the time frame when one could expect a drop. (For instance in Jan, 1155 socket CPU's were released)
3. If they do drop, by how much could they drop from initial prices?

Obviously we cant have specific answers. But I am trying to make a decision on buying, and Past releases might have followed a pattern.
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  1. Intel is pretty open about CPU releases. They just released a new line, and the next new ones won't be out for a while. I also wouldn't expect any price drops in the next couple of months, since the current ones are brand new.
  2. I'd guess with the release of Ive Bridge somewhere early next year, you can expect a price drop in the LGA775 (it just had one, BTW), LGA1156 and LGA1366. Furthermore, I think the LGA775 will be completely discontinued soon, including CPU's in the Dual Core and Core 2 range. Core ix is the new thing, time to get used to it :D
  3. When Intel releases a complete new range of processors then you could expect some bigger price drops, though historically the % varies.

    When Intel releases a few products at a time, the price drop sometimes is relative only to the performance section it's going to. Take for example the Sandy Bridge, expect the processors with almost the same or near the performance to adjust a bit. But don't expect miracles for the lower ends such as Core 2's and the i3's or i5's.

    Then again, there are instances where prices remained solid even after the release of new products.

    You should just buy when there's no expected release a few months from now, whatever you can, whenever you can. You'll probably realize a few months down the line that you're seemingly always waiting.
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