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I'm currently almost finished with my first build and I started thinking about the internal speaker for the post upon the first boot, do i need to buy an internal case speaker for this, or is it built in to my mobo? i have an asus m4a79xtd evo.

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  1. Check your mobo's manual. I'd download it from the Asus site and do it for you, but their site just takes too long lol. but I didn't see one on the board or in the parts kit looking at the Newegg photos.

    The mobo section dealing with the front panel connectors will tell you what number of pins you want on the speaker connector.

    Frankly, 99% of the builds go fine without it. Your call.
  2. I have my motherboard manual, the physical one, and it doesn't say anything about a speaker but it says ill hear beeps during first boot. So if i dont buy an internal speaker, i won't hear the beeps?
  3. OK - I'll download the manual lol - brb.
  4. alright thanks, because i keep getting paranoid that im going to fail a post and not know due to the absence of a beep, so thanks
  5. Page 2-2, item 11 shows the connectors for the front panel, and they include a 4-pin setup for a motherboard speaker. Page 2-32 shows you the pin-out and some words about where to plug it in.

    Page 1-1, Section 1-2 lists the package contents. It does not include a speaker.

    It would be odd for the mobo to have a soldered-on and not show it on the mobo picture. Odder still to have one and still include pin-outs for it.

    Conclusion: you don't have one.

    Do the build . . .
    . . . don't try to do two things at once
    . . . don't be afraid to disassemble to make the next step easier - each build has its own "best" sequence.
    . . . proceed slowly, with confidence, and enjoy the process.
  6. alright thanks for the advice!
  7. I have one more question, is there another way to check if I've past the post like by going into bios and checking all the hardware?
  8. If you can get into BIOS, you "posted".
  9. oh really? sweet thanks for the help, this is my first build so im sort of new to this stuff.
  10. NP - if you have trouble, don't get frustrated - there's always someone here lol.

    Do start a new thread if you do. Many of the more experienced folks don't jump into a thread once its well underway.
  11. I have the same mobo as you and if you want to hear POST, you'll have to connect the little speaker that came with your case. I assume you got a new case with your build and just about every case out there throws one in. If not, I'm sure there's a generous PC guy near you that would give you one for free.
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