Case mod ideas?

I got a Silverstone Raven Rv02 case, lovely case. I need some ideas for modding it. I want to repaint it to maybe an all white/blue (Since the motherboard is white/blue), but I'm not to sure how that would turn out. Also when repainting a case, would I have to sand it down first? I'll probably sleeve everything that isn't sleeved yet, but any ideas would be great.

Motherboard: P6X58D - E asus
CPU: Intel I7 930 @ 4.2ghz
GPU: GTX 580 evga
HDD: HDD x 2, 1tb, 320gb.
H70 corsair, watercooling.
Corsair XMS3 memory.
Corsair TX 650 watt.
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  1. Yes, you will need to sand it down first.
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