Switched CPU and got flickering on HDMI TV

since my post was locked on a previous thread I'll ask again in a new one. Here goes..
Last December i bought 2x5770s by Sapphire (the Vapor-X edition), everything was epic, so far. 2 weeks ago, my father gave me his old Sony Bravia 32'', and I plugged it straight to my pc, so I could enjoy games (had to buy a hdmi cable though). Oh the glory! Everything was smooth as butter.
3 days ago, I changed my cpu, from my old Amd 9500 2.2 Ghz to my new X4 965 @ 3.4Ghz. And that's where the problem began.
My "small" dvi-connected 22'' LG monitor runs fine, but when i connect the Bravia, I get the flickering.
Searched around the options enough, found out that it was the Catalyst A.I. that caused all the trouble. "What the heck, let's disable it", I imagine you thinking. There is a "but..." though, because disabling the A.I. disables the crossfire too, leaving me with 1 card to draw the images and 1 card just sitting there (lies, it uses it's gddr memory also).
Hating having to choose between my expensive xfire and the (more expensive, for my father at least) 32'' full hd glory of the Bravia, I decided to find a way to bypass the problem.
I came to the conclusion that it's something to do with 1. the hdmi signal 2. the Catalyst A.I and, 3. my new Cpu.
Or, if you rather like it, how the Catalyst A.I USES my cpu to provide the hdmi signal to my screen. I guess the damned code didn't have trouble with the timings of my old cpu.
Since I can't fiddle with the A.I., I will try to outsmart it and connect the Bravia using the dvi output of my gpu and a hdmi adaptor (logical asumption, since my LG with the dvi is fine, you see?). See if that does the trick.

I would like to hear your thoughts/ideas/tryouts on the subject.


P.S. I think I at least got the thinking correct, since on Ati's release notes for 10.9 drivers it states "Flickering no longer visible while running 3D games on HDMI displays with Quad CrossFire enabled"
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  1. What is the model of your Sony Bravia? What resolution do you set your desktop? HDMI and DVI have the same video/audio performance.
  2. Whats your Power Supply? it might be that since your new cpu is taking up more power the 5770's might not be getting enough, just a suggestion
  3. Bravia's model is KDL-32V4500 and my psu is more than enough (860W SLi certified).
    I JUST borrowed a friends Dvi to HDMI adapter that came with his 4870 and it turns out i was correct.
    I am currently using the dvi output of my gpu with the adapter on it, and the same hdmi cable, and I have no more flickering. Gamma is a bit odd i think but I guess I'll just have to mess with some settings to get it all straight.
    Thanks for your interest, I hope I saved someguy's precious gaming hours :)
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