SSD uses AHCI, HDD uses IDE and the BIOS won't recognise either drive

Hi. I just bought and installed a SSD (Samsung). It loads Windows and it works fine. I am concerned that I don't exactly know what I'm doing. I heard that SSD is supposed to use AHCI to enjoy the full capacity of the speed it provides. So the SSD uses AHCI and HDD uses IDE; the BIOS won't recognise either drive. I am currently allocating the HDD as a backup source (7200 RPMs). Please tell me why the BIOS won't recognise either hard drive. Thanks.

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  1. What settings are you looking at in the BIOS and how are they set? I'm a bit perplexed as to how you can boot from the SSD if the BIOS doesn't recognize it's there.
  2. I know, I'm confused, too. Let me know which settings you want to know about. I don't know which settings in the BIOS I changed to cause this problem. Can you tell me what settings you want me to look at?
  3. some mobo had different controller for it's sata port, so it can be configured to AHCI for port 0,1, and IDE for port 2,3, (just example)

    - so u put SSD at port 0 or 1, and HDD at port 2 or 3

    Try different configuration of port and bios setting...
  4. it should be set to AHCI for both anyway. The HDD does not need to be on IDE. However if you switch it after installing windows you won't be able to boot without crashing anyway.
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    I made the same mistake with a recent windows 8.1 installation.
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