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HD 5750 Getting WAY too hot.

Hey guys. I just recently wanted to see if I could reduce my temperatures for my HD 5750 by applying some Arctic Silver 5. I went in and cleaned off the old stuff and applied the new and now my card is way hotter than it used to be. It now idles at 39C which is lower than the 47C is used to be. But when under load in FurMark it gets into the 100C range. It used to be 85C max in FurMark before. Any idea to help fix this?
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    It needs time to cure. Just play some games on it for a while and note the temperature. I think it requires roughly a week of typical usage before AC 5 is properly cooled.

    It could also be due to the heatsink not being properly secured to the GPU and RAM.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'll check the heatsink and hopefully it'll cool down within a week.
  3. Well good news. My card now only peaks at 75C even when overclocked. Looks like this really was a worthwhile thing to do.
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