Power supply Unit for an HP s5390d?

can you give me some choices of PSU units for my hp s5390d? i recently installed a video card (nvidia 8400gs 1gb)and it needs a minimum of 300W. my pc is 220W and now i can already see some minor side effects. the texts in my computer are like blinking and i know that it is really a problem. tnx :)
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  1. Newegg has the seasonic bronze ss-300TFX 80 plus efficient 300w ps for $44 shipped. It's listed in the mini tfx category in the power supply section. Seasonic makes excellent products, and one poster said it fit his hp case. You won't do much better than this in your size category.
  2. in slimline PCs, what should i consider in buying a new PSU?
  3. Quality and the 12v rail rating. Seasonic is one of the tier one brands; better than most of the others. I doubt you will find a higher wattage ps in your size category. If you want to go higher, you'll have to change cases. This ps should run your 8400s with no problems; you can try a 4670 chipset card later for better graphics if you can find one in a low profile size.
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