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I am interested in buying a computer that can be used fot intense graphics and intense gaming. I want to make sure I get the best of both, so what I need to know is, what specs I should be looking for. I am an intermediate when it comes to computer knowledge. Most technical explanations I will be able to understand. I was considering 12GBs of RAM to start with. Is this enough? Also I would like to know the best manufacturer of each component. Thanks for any assisstance you can give.
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    what kind of intense graphical work do you wish to use the comp for?

    as for gaming, you actually won't even need more than 4GB now a day, let alone 12GB.

    Best manufacturer for the components to be used on your built:
    CPU - Intel, definitely, I would personally recommend getting a i7-2600k or wait for IVY BRIDGE processors to come, as they will have more cores.

    Graphics Card - if I were you, I would go with NVIDIA for this one, as they have CUDA, which many programs utilize

    Ram - Corsair, G.Skill, Crucial, Kingston, etc.. Those are the highly recommended brands. Be sure that you get the high performance models with high MHZ and heatsinks

    Motherboard: Asus, Gigabyte. Really, what else? They are the best overclockers
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  3. Thanks for the info to help me make the right purchases!
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