Need help choosing best gpu please?

Hello everyone. This is my first thread as I am new to the forums. I recently bought a gateway dx 300 desktop for school. It has a ati 5450 graphics card. I believe it also it has a 300w power supply. I have a couple questions. 1. how can I tell if a graphics card will fit into my machine? 2. What is the best graphics card that will fit under 150-175 dollers without upgrading my psu? 3. Is the 5770 any good? Im new to modding computers so take it easy please ! lol thanks in advance
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  1. We need more info here...
    can you give us link(s) for that PC?
  2. sure .

    I bought this PC refurbished. It came with a Phenom ii x4 2.8 ghz
  3. A 300 watt PSU will probably not be enough power to run most of the graphics cards coming out these days, I suggest you upgrade it.
    Also, The 5770 is a pretty decent card for its price. It will play any game out right now at good FPS.
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    From it's reviews i read that you can add HD5770 inside that mini tower...
    Of course you MUST upgrade PSU first with bigger one....
    If you don't want upgrade PSu then go with HD5670 ($89-$90).
  5. How powerful of a psu do you recommend ? Also are there any dangers in upgrading the psu? i.e. overheating the pc? Thanks again for your help
  6. Nah no dangers in upgrading your PSU, I would recommend 650watt or stronger, But even a 550w would do.
  7. get 450W PSU like Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, OCZ, SilverStone. Those brands are make a great quality of PSU... (yes, their PSU are expensive but you'll get HIGH quality).

    No, bigger PSU won't overheating your system, even if you use 1000W PSU, but that's would be an overkill...
  8. Thanks for the advice!
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