LGA1155 vs LGA1366

What the difference between the 1155 and the 1366 cpu sockets? Is it just the pins or even performance wise?
Cause I'd really like this mobo:
but it only supports 1155.
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  1. They are totally different platforms and need totally different CPUs.
    1366 supports more PCIE lanes and supports i7 9XX processors
    1155 supports i5 & i7 processors with numbers beginning with 2 is a newer technology which replaces 1156. It is also alot cheaper than 1366.
  2. Forgot to say Intel boards are crap look for Asus or gigabyte or if on a budget Asrock.
  3. simon12 said:
    Forgot to say Intel boards are crap look for Asus or gigabyte or if on a budget Asrock.

    Did not know that! Thanks. DO you know any good asus boards?
    So u said 1366 is better than 1155 performance wise?
  4. No sandy bridge being newer is faster ie the 2600K beats the 950 (and the 980X) in just about everything but the PCIE lanes are more limited.
    Read this for more info http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/sandy-bridge-core-i7-2600k-core-i5-2500k,review-32090.html
    and read this for P67 board reviews http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/p67-motherboard-roundup-lga-1155-sandy-bridge,review-32095.html
  5. If you need your new system in the next 2-3 months... you might be forced to look at the LGA1366 solution. Check one of the many threads on the forum describing the H67/P67 chipset issue.

    SB processors themselves are great! If you can wait, the Z68 chipset will supposedly not exhibit the SATA2 issue... around the time H67/P67 'fixed' chipsets reach wide distribution (April-ish).
  6. If you have the patience then wait it out. Sandy Bridge CPUs have fantastic performance and overclocking headroom while running cool/efficient. (4.6-5ghz on air)

    1366 CPUs are still good, but Sandy Bridge being nearly the same price is definitely worth the wait IMO.
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