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I have a Dell Inspirion 531S won't start up. Psu has correct voltage& tests good,fan runs on psu. When I push on button nothing. Anyone know which cable from button connects to what connection on MB?
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    Yes, its the 2-pin connector plugged into the motherboard next to the place that says "Power" written on the motherboard. Since its a Dell, there may only be one connector for many front panel connections. In that case, look for a socket on the mobo labeled "FPanel" or similar.

    When all else fails, (download) and read the manual.

    In any case, the problem is not likely related to your power button. Your PSU can show voltages, and still be "dead". or it could be something else.

    Once you find the two pins on the motherboard, shorting them briefly with a screwdriver simulates the power button.
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  3. Found everything on board. It ended up to be the Power Supply, a cheap 250w psu only lasts so long(junk). I will never buy a Dell again! Thanks for expert da man!!! :pt1cable:
  4. BTW, Dell power supplies are usually pretty good. They often deliver more power than their rated for.

    The only issue is Dell sizes them low so that expansion requires you to . . . buy another Dell lol.
  5. brcomputers said:
    It ended up to be the Power Supply, a cheap 250w psu only lasts so long(junk). I will never buy a Dell again!

    So just how long is that ?
    My niece has a 9 year old Dimension 8250, with one of the cheap 250 watt psu's in it, gets booted up every day.
    I won't either
  6. Gotta reiterate . . . Dell (and others) get a bad rap. They make good PCs that are as idiot-proof as they can be made, and are often exactly what they should be for the price, especially at the low end.

    If a "stranger" asked me to build a PC for him, I'd probably do it for free. But 2 days later when he calls with some fool question, after 5 minutes I'd tell him to call the Geek Squad and change my telephone number. (I help out here because you guys don't have my phone number :) )

    Dell et al doesn't do that. So the PCs can cost a bit more than self-built, and don't allow you to screw with them too much. That's the trade-off.
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