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Can we use xfx ati 5670 ddr5 with dh55tc motherboard

Hi guys,

Can any one tell that

Can we use xfx ati 5670 ddr5 with dh55tc motherboard.

IS that compatible
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  1. Yep.

    The dh55tc motherboard has one PCI-e x16 2.0 slot.
    Is that your board? then yes, you can add ANY PCI-E card on that mobo...

    Make sure you have enough power on your PSU to run gaming card like HD5770... :)
  3. if have a psu of 500 watts is that sufficient for xfx ati 5670;

    whether dh55tc support crossfire ,sli
  4. Much more than enough.

    I generally recommend a good 300w - 350w PSU for that video card. But that depends on all your computer components.
  5. A 500w will be enough to XFire the HD 5670...

    But your mobo only has one PCI-e 16x slot so it's not an option for you.
  6. whether dh55tc mobo support crossfire ,sli coz 5670 512 doesnt support sli so do i need to get ati 5670 1GB
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    Buy a 5670 512MB video card.

    There is generally less than 1% difference in performance between the 512MB and 1GB version so it is not worth spending the extra money.
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  9. ^+1
    300W is more than enough to run a single HD5670.

    No, that board only has 1 pcie slot...
  10. whether the xfx ati 5670 is a quiet card regarding the loudness that it produce and i want to know wihch catalyst that i should use along with it
  11. HD5670 is a quiet card, before you buy, make sure you read it's reviews...
    The most stable driver for now is 10.3 or 10.4.
  12. Can we play games like gta 4 , crysis and latest quadcore supported games in a normal resolution
  13. What size do you mean by "normal"?
    What is exactly your CPU? Forget GTA 4 and Crysis, those are bad coded games.
    yes, you can play those games, but not at HIGH setting. :)
  14. my processor i5 760 and i want play at a resolution of 1600*900 my monitor is 20"
  15. At what resoultion can i play the latest games
  16. If you have 500W PSu then go with HD5770 or GTX460, you can play the latest games without problem at 1600x900... :)
  17. With your current powersupply and monitor, you are better off with GTX460, just like Wa1 said.
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