Custom Case for Homebuilt PC

Hi, I recently built a custom PC case. Its all wood except for the plexi top. Tell me whatcha think! :3

Measuring+ my kitteh.

I got everything on to the bottom now, I used double stick tape for HDDs and the PSU+CD combo thing. The mobo is screwed down.

The front took forever to cut and sand.

a rough setup of what it would look like

Uploaded with Painted red for ATi and DONE! You can see the plexi too its on top, which means your can see into the case.

The front completed and finished.

im running it without the plexi for now because its kinda warm out.

I had my uncle help me cut it, most of it was done with a table saw and some by drill and cut. The paint is poster red. Temps are: With plexi CPU idle 16C to 29 depending on outside temps. At load with plexi it gets to 39/40C. GPU idle 42C load 70+ but doesn't go to 80. Without plexi: CPU idle 18/30C, GPU same as with plexi. Its funny but my CPU gets hotter without the plexi glass. By the way there are 3 120mm Antec 3 Speed fans, two at the back, one at the front. All are on low except for the left rear b/c of CPU. Its deadly silent. Quieter than my Mac Mini :D
Anyways thanks for checking it out.
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  1. Ah i guess i should of embedded the photos, sorry :(
  2. Nice work man :)
    now you have been bitten, and in a day or two will rip that apart just to tweak this that or the other :P
    The reason your acrylic helps the cpu temps is probably an airflow related thing imo,
    I'd say keep up the good work, experiment with materials, ideas etc,
    the thickness of the wood will help with fan noise to help keep it quiet too
    And if I may offer a criticism, look into cable management, it often finishes or kills a mod :)
    Great build though
  3. :3 Thanks for commenting and checking it out, yea the plexi doesn't let the air the fans are pushing escape so i guess its more directional in a way. Yea i haven't bothered with cable management yet seeing how low my temps are but i will get to it anyways. I noticed my graphics card takes a while to cool down. I was just playing Just Cause 2 a moment ago (for like 10min or something) and it got my card to 61C which isn't bad at all, but 3 or 4 min later its only at 50C (idling) I could turn up the fan i have right behind it, but that means more noise :p But my CPU got nice and cool :3 right now 24C. Eh its nice and sealed so i probably won't hear it anyways with the plexi on its uber quiet. To make it more movable I am going to stick two handles on it and screw the base to the top of the case. I will end up being able to pick my PC up like a suitcase :D
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