I5-2500 vs. i7-2600


I'm about to choose between the i5-2500 or the i7-2600. What should i get?

I would like great performance on high settings in all games, which is out now, but also on the upcoming titles like Rage and Crysis 2..

I know you would probably recommend the "K" versions, but i'm do not intend to OC at all, so i do not need the "k" ;)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. for games the i7 2500k the performance is very similar to the more expensive i7 2600k. However if you require hyperthreading for the likes of production apps and are not phased by the relatively big price difference then i7.

    Also please check other threads for your answer before you start you own, there are too many people asking the same question, it's getting very repetitive!
  2. Sorry about not searching first! It's just everybody is asking about the "k" versions, which you also recommend. And i don't need the overclock feature.. :)

    Lets make a Hyperthreading question then..
    I do a little of music production, would hyperthreading be a big advantage there?
  3. Depends if your production applications use more than 4 cores or not.
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