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So I just had an issue pop up recently when playing most games and if I alt tab out of the game I can see it on the desktop too I get theses small horizontal lines that run across my screen. The lines are not obstructing my view, it's more like the screen is made of water and its rippling a bit. Even with vsync enabled

Currently running 2 gtx 460's in sli

My config
CPU: Intel I7 920 2.66 overclocked to 3.3
Memory: DDR3 1600 6gb Kingston hyper x
Motherboard: msi x58 pro E
Power supply: 850w cooler master silent pro
Case: Thermaltake V9

Oh and my monitor

P.s. yes i have latest drivers installed and no it's not the beta one
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  1. Is it a Moiré effect from the resolution of your screen to the reduced resolution of the game?
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