I've got a budget of $3000 and a large property, what do I need?

Alright I've got a huge budget to build a large wireless network on a large property. The house is thickly constructed and tends to be a dead zone for puny routers and cellphone towers. My first move would be to put a cellphone repeater in the attic, around $400. I need some powerful outdoor Access Points and a new router etc. We ultimately want reliable Wireless access throughout the house, and two cameras (for now) around the property. One needs to be by the gate it has electricity (1000ft away), there is a barn with electricity in the middle... and one needs to be in or around that barn. A nice outdoor IP PTZ camera is preferable. What do you guys think would be an ideal setup for me?

As I was writing this I just remembered I can use LAN over the house's electricity network, do you think this is a viable option? What are the limitations?
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  2. I think overall your budget might be too small... the trendnet access point would be good... i think you may need to run a rj-45 from your house to the barn. connect a router in the barn and connect the trendnet access point on the outside of the barn facing the fence.
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