PC won't boot after MCB tripped

So, I've been using this computer of mine for about 8 months now.
Today, I switched it on and pressed the power button and the power tripped. The miniature circuit breaker was down, so i went and pushed it up again. I went back to switch on the computer, except now it won't turn on. It can't be that socket's problem can it, because i have plugged in multiple stuff to it, and my router and modems CAN turn on.

It probably won't be me overloading that socket? Because I have used it like that for 8 months already.

I have a feeling it's the PSU, so I'm supposed to plug in another PSU and switch it on right? If it's able to be switched on, the PSU is definitely at fault?

Is there a chance my other computer parts are faulty? I'm supposedly using a 'quality' PSU, if what I find on the internet can be trusted. If my other parts are fried, I think i'll cry=(

My specs are

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Asus P6T-SE i7-930
Sapphire HD 5850
6GB Corsair Dominator XMS C9
1TB Western Digital Caviar Black
Corsair HX-650W

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    Pull out the power supply and a case fan, and do the steps shown in this video to see if anything else is dead

    Because it tripped the circuit breaker its likely you have a short somewhere and the circuit breaker was the first thing to trigger(which is weird). If the power supply boots up and powers the fan fine its likely somewhere deeper in the system which may mean damage has been done.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Will do this as soon as i can
  3. I brought the PSU back to the warranty guy and yep, it's fried. Not sure if my other parts are still ok though, as I haven't put the new PSU back in and try to boot

    Thanks for everything!
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  5. Hope your other components are unaffected. Good luck!
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