Will a gtx 460 improve performance in just cause 2?

my rig
Intel core i7-870
650W PSU

Now in just cause 2 with everything at max with 2XAA And 16AF and bokeh filter and water simulation enabled at resolution 1680X1050 I get around 32 fps in the game but when I run through the grass the fps drops dramatically to 20.when i get back on the road its 32 again.when i lowered my shadows to medium this stopped.now if I buy a gtx 460 will I get a solid 40fps at the same settings I am using?
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  1. when i upgraded from my gtx 260 core 216 to my 2 gtx 460's I ran each card separately to ensure they worked and I used just cause 2 at my resolution of 1920 x 1080 I saw about a 15 to 20fps increase so ya at 1680 x 1050 running 40fps should be no problem at those setting
  2. sure, also if you overclock it then you should get even higher fps, or at least less fps drops
  3. Its a good upgrade if you choose a gtx 460@675, if you overclock or choose a model thats at 820/ 850 or higher its a big upgrade.
    Here is a 460@855 its 30% faster than the gtx 260
  4. Quote:
    Even 30% is not enough of an upgrade to justify that amount of money.

    He did the math wrong, it's actually 45%.
  5. I was correct based on the chart... 30% isn't correct in any way. (Or is it...?)
    To be thorough we should be using the 1680x1050 chart rather than the overall performance chart posted above.

    The Lightning Edition GTX 460 has a factory OC of 12.8% over reference on the core. Assuming(probably incorrectly) that performance scales perfectly with core speed and (probably correctly) that the doubled memory doesn't give much if any benefit at that resolution that would put the OPs card at 77% on the above chart. Ironically the OCed GTX 460 is then almost exactly 30% faster based on that number.
  6. Your nitpicking my decision to not exaggerate the difference on purpose. Because that usually ends up just as controversial. Especially with the gtx 460 with differing clock speeds. The 675 clocking is really a red herring. For price point superiority or something like that :)
  7. notty22 said:
    Your nitpicking my decision to not exaggerate the difference on purpose.
    You subtracted but didn't divide the difference by the card you were using as the base comparison. It's a common mistake but you are saying you did it on purpose for some reason?
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