ASUS P5P43TD PRO problem with restart process

Hi everyone,
I have just bought a new a.m. mainboard and having problem with restart.
OS: Win7 X64
Every time the system wants to restart, e.g. because of new sw or driver is intalled or simply because of pushing it to sleep or hybernate system does not boot up. The vents are working, HDDs are working, power led is on but there is a blank screen only. I need to push the pwr button for 4-6 secs to shut down and then start it again. Something with the pwr management shall be the problem. I think VGA does not get power...
Anybody experienced any similar issues?
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  1. First the dumb question... you're OS/monitor isn't in power saver mode or screen saver mode, is it? Wiggle the mouse or tap the keyboard and see if you get your display back.
  2. I m having the exact same problem . And it is not a dumb question . I have searched in the net .. a lot of people having this MB is facing this problem ..
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