Future upgrades on my PC

Hi all,
First of thanks for the replys to my last question.
Now for the next question.......

If i want to upgrade/date my pc will i need to overhawl all the system or can i still use the mobo and some of the other componants?
Spec is Asus pn5-d mobo
Intel Q9550 2.83 o/c @ 3.6
2x gtx 280 SLi 1 gb each
8gb corsair 1066 ram
Antec 1200 case
Win 7 64bit
Lots of cooling
All advice would be appriciated.
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  1. Wow...
    Your system already FAST enough to play any games recently with HIGH setting...
  2. Thanks wa1, but unfortunatly i am never satisfied lol.
    Where would i start? new mobo??
  3. Not satisfied?
    Okay, tell me why? What games did you play? What fps did you got?
  4. Well you aren't going to do better than what you have with that motherboard, in terms of a more powerful CPU at least.
    If you aren't happy with that then I guess you will only be happy with the highest of end components so I guess i7 + LGA1366 motherboard + 6 gigs of DDR3 1600 + 2 GTX 470s sounds about right. Perhaps a solid state hard drive for OS and apps. Maybe a bluray burner?

    EDIT: To be clear I agree with wa1; there's no need for you to upgrade.
  5. Thanks for the responses, just to be clear, i understand the comments regarding the spec on my pc with regard to it being fairly quick. However im sure some of you guys would like to keep up with the latest componants, i do.
    Its only advice as to where to start 'if' i want to upgrade in the future. For example is it the best spec i can get on this mobo or is there something i can add? would gtx 370 be better in SLi?
  6. Alright, for your next PC then you will need i7 950, a new mobo (ASUS RAMPAGE III perhaps), 6GB DDR3 RAM (like jyjjy said), 1000W (or more) Corsair PSU, 3 or 6 24" Monitor eyefinity, and 3x GTX480 or 2x HD5970. :D

    Those would be awesome...
  7. Lol sounds great. wish i could afford it. thanks guys
  8. So nothing further with this mobo? :(
  9. Nope, you can't do anything for your mobo now...
    Or, does your mobo support Core 2 Extreme?
    Nevermind, you'll better with a whole new components...
  10. Thanks for your advice guys
  11. jaffa_69 said:
    So nothing further with this mobo? :(

    Well you CAN upgrade a lot of things actually if you really want to... You could add one or both of the bonus items(solid state drive and/or bluray burner) I suggested if you really feel the urge to upgrade something. They can both be transferred over to the new system when you do finally go for it. Also you CAN upgrade your video card(s) now, you don't need a new system for that. However unless your resolution is higher than 1920x1200 I doubt you'll get a worthwhile boost in performance although you will gain DX11 and likely greater power efficiency. Speaking of resolution a monitor upgrade is another possibility. You could get a 120hz monitor + glasses for 3D gaming or you could add two more monitors similar to the one you have now for 3 monitor gaming(Nvidia's Surround.) Your current video cards should handle either fairly well. Theoretically you could just go for three 120hz monitors for both but that would cost a ton.
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