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I am slowly adding more fans to my HAF 932 w/ EVGA 470.

I want to add either an exhaust/intake fan on the bottom of the case but wondering what way I should orient it.

Took this before the cable management you can see in image one, but gives a rough idea of whats going on.

The GPU fan blows down from the top of it. I have the stock 230mm fan on the side and front, as well as the h50 push-pull as intakes.

The top 230mm is the only exhaust.

What do you think I should do? My 5.25" bay has a DVD Drive/Fan controller. Rest are clear.

Right now I am overclocked at 4ghz on an i7 950 full load is 75C in prime95. Want to bring this down more and think that my problem is I do not have enough exhaust (especially with the H50 pulling air in and it getting hotter through the radiator).
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  1. I suggest you try mounting the bottom fans both ways and see which improves the temps the most. You could also experiment with the front fan as exhaust or even rear & top intake and front + bottom exhaust
  2. I want to use the H50 for an exhaust, but if you look at what users say and on corsair's manual it says to use as an INTAKE to get fresh air from outside of the case to the rad instead of hotter computer air.

    Here is a better shot of the case.

    Air enters the case from the 230mm front, 230mm side (not seen) and 120mm on the H50.

    Exhaust is the top 230mm as of now.

    Mainly what I am trying to do is lower the ambient temperature in the case. Cooler motherboard, cooler gpu and fresh air going through the case.

    Should I leave the bottom slot alone, and put an intake right where the 5.25" bays are? This would put a lot of fresh air onto the top of the mobo and CPU.

    Only issue would be that the opposite side is an intake as well. Right now I just have the 230mm fan on the side panel.
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    Did you say that the H50 fan is blowing into the case?

    If it is, then the heat exchanger is cooling your CPU only to heat the case back up.

    Make sure the H50 is exhausting air out of the case.

    Also when you added the extra 120mm fan to the side of the HDD bays, did you consider what the flow rates were? The red LED lit fan looks a lot larger, and even if it rotates slower it will move a greater volume of air than the smaller fan you have, so the smaller fan will be inhibiting the overall air flow.

    Can you move the HDD's into the spare 5.25 inch bays using some cheap adapters? They seem to be blocking 30% of the airflow plus warming the air from the front intake fan.

    Maybe remove the blank PCI slot covers, this will allow a great deal more air to move in the case.

    Last thing, how warm is your room? Is it near a radiator? Maybe a stupid thing to ask but worth asking nonetheless.

    Let me know how you get on as this is an interesting question :D
  4. I've already redone it actually, here it is!

    Push Pull intake in the 5.25" with the H50.

    Temps are really good, i7 950 @ 3.8ghz Idles 31C Max Load 60C
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  6. Nice one, glad to to hear that its working better!! :D
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