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Purchasing a new computer with FF14 in mind, but there's a bevy of graphics cards to choose from and I can't quite do the research well on deployment.

If you kids had the ideal card to go with a Intel i7 of some sort, aiming for moderate to high graphics settings, what card(s) would you recommend? Any huge winner/difference between ATI and Nvidia in this realm?

Second, are there any reasonable cards for a laptop to run it on decently?

Thanks much in advance.
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  1. Are you want to BUILD a PC or BUY a laptop?
  2. Would most likely recommend the GTX460. depends on budget and monitor resolution though.

    are you building a new system form scratch?

    If so, a 5850 or GTX460 would make a great choice. assuming you can fit them into budget.
  3. here is a list

    I don't recall FF series being a game that is designed to pushing the GPU.... I always feels that the more GPU demanding, the less the game will
  4. To clarify, I am looking to build/buy a tower, or buy a laptop. The laptop is more of a future consideration, because I am by no means done with deployments. So if there is a realistic, quality option laptop wise, it might make more sense to purchase one better laptop instead of a desktop now and a laptop down the road. But that's a question I can't answer, so I come to those who know more than myself, and thank them for their time.

    I have considered building it from scratch, but i would list my status in this regard as amateur, so there are hesitations regarding how quality of a job I could do against the price of a prebuilt/semi customizable option.

    lets say the tower's total price range is in the 1500 category, i'm looking into pairing it with some kind of i7 (i have discovered there are many of these as well, and am not sure it's worth it over an i5), and lets ballpark the cost of the graphics card in the "up to 400ish" range.

    Again, my thanks in advance
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