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Ok, I have read a lot of forum posts, but most were outdated and was wondering what I would have to do to upgrade my graphics card. I was thinking about a low profile card for my slim design, but thought it would be better to just buy a new case and psu so I can use any card I want. Any suggestions on cases and psu's for the 530s mobo design.
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  1. Can't say its the best looking but its a good combo deal.

    Normally I'd recommend the Antec 300 case for these situations, but newegg decided to remove all the PSU combos with those "hundred" series cases and put them on the new "DF" series which is pretty much the same case with a facelift.
  2. So my dell isnpiron 430s mobo will fit perfectly in the antec case? I won't have to drill any extra holes or anything?
  3. Looking at your board on DEll support site shows it as a mATX board which fits fine in an ATX case
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