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Hi guys . please help me . i am realy confused .first let me say that my MOBO is GA P31 DS3L . now some say 5850 will have no problem .it just need a slot to go on it . some say your mobo is too low to handle that high VGA card . some one told me that i bought 5850 & my P41 slot burned because 5850 high GPU pressure . NOW PLEASE HELP me can i get 5850 with no problem on my MOBO or it has to be changed . ? i can give u any more details . just ASK . THANKS .. all negative answers were from Shopkeepers .i dont know if shop keepers tellig truth or wanna earn more money ?!?!
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  1. Do not trust that shopkeeper.
    AS long as your mobo has pcie slot then you can use ANY pcie cards, even HD5850, as long as you have enough power on PSU (500W quality PSU or more).
    Do not cheap out on PSU, that's the most important thing inside your case. :)
  2. Thanks a lot . you know why i am asking this again because ... when i go for it keepers fooling me ... & say this problem that problem ... oh my mom said i should listen to anyother person but shop keepers . so imagin this ... Corsair 650 TX , Q9400 CPU & GA P31 DS3L mobo ... can these 3 hardwares make 5850 use its whole POWER that he got ? IS there any performane Hit with these 3 hardwares ? & PLEASE TELL ME ..i believe you but that shop keeper told me this too .. that MOBO is primary hardware which makes other hardwares work fine if your mobo is that low 5850 would break or Blow or burn on it { i dont believe that but little explaination would be great } thanks
  3. Oh thanks a lot i think i will go for it ... i wont pay attantion to shop keepers ... please tell me how much is performance hit there any performance HIT ? & tell me if we remove CATALYST will games run on ATI CARDS?
  4. remove CCC?
    well, that's okay if you don't want to install catalyst control center, but you MUST install it's driver for your card...

    With your current system + HD5850 you can play almost ANY games recently with HIGH setting...
  5. High or ULTRA HIGH ..because high is what i am playing with my current 9600GT 1GB & expected to see great upgrade by geting 5850 ?!?! 5850 is 10 times stronger than 9600 ...even 9600 HELPS me to play almost many of games at ULTRA HIGH & 1440 Rez FARCRY 2 . Rez Evil 5 . .... Tell me does it worth to get 5850 ?
    i realy cant pay much more for VGA card ! & wanna know if Q9400 CPU would be enough for handling 5850 ?? what do you think ?
  6. Wait, you are playing at 1440x900 resolution?
    If yes, then HD5850 is an overkill!
    HD5770 is more than enough for your need...
  7. Oh thats great even if i have Performance hit from any other hardware .... 5850 still work JUST GREAT huh ? & 5770 IS more than enough ? i little worry about GTA IV or such heavy Gmaes ...& i think 5770 would be little bad for that ..i dont know but anyway i am so happy to hear that >> THANKS
  8. & your SAYing that NO MATTER that my mobo is OLD or New ..low or High ....when it has PCI 16 SLot on it it means that can handle 5850 GREATLY if i get good CPU & PSU too ???? please answer this once again .... but its new QUESTION or somehow its confirmation ..hehe .....THANKS a lot
  9. Believe me, you only waste your money if you play with HD5850 at that low resolution...
    Well, if you insist then get that HD5850 2.0 version and not 2.1.
  10. Why not 2.1 ? & which brands has 2.0 ... is ASUS 2.0 or 2.1 ??
  11. Please dont forget to EXPLAIN why 2.0 is better than 2.1 for me ? & what will happen if i get 2.1 ??
  12. Because we don't know what version is your pcie slot, it can be 1.0 or 2.0, if you have 2.0 then you can use ANY (2.0 and 2.1) card, but if you have 1.0 slot then you can't use 2.1 card...
    Usually, if you buy motherboard in 2008-now, the pcie slot is 2.0...
  13. How do i can make sure about it ? that my MOBO slot is 2.0 or 1.0 ?!?! would you mind do that for me ..or if you cant juts give me the right direction of making sure about it .

    & if its 1.0 so it cant be match with 2.0 CARD ....... no ?
  14. & can you see what brands of 5850 are 2.0 ? Thanks a lot . its ok if you dont like to that for me . THANKS
  15. I am not sure about my GA P31 DS3L PCI e 16x VGA slot version .... it is 1.0 or 2.0 ?! ... PLEASE help me know which version it is . THANKS a LOt
  16. Not being funny but why do you want to know ? PCIE 1.0 and 1.2 are compatible anyway. If you are trying to work out if a certain card is supported just go to the gigabyte website and select your MOBO and check the supported GPU's.
    Its possible there are different revisions as well. This info is usually written on the MOBO somewhere my Gigabyte board has it on one corner.
  17. No need to see the VGA support LIST ..becau ...when its PCI e it means can support every Card which has PCI connectors ...but any way ..the reason is that i wanna get 5850 ..& i am afraid that 5850 may only match with 2.0 & 2.1 mobo not even 1.0 ...& what if my mobo is 1.0 or 1.1 ? What do you suggest me to do about geting 5850 ?
  18. Due to the age of the chipset its going to be 1.0, my P35 is 1.0. You can get a 5850 just get a 2.0 version, some 2.1 versions may not work in a 1.0 slot. And no you wont see a performance difference.
  19. Quote:
    No need to see the VGA support LIST ..becau ...when its PCI e it means can support every Card which has PCI connectors ...but any way ..the reason is that i wanna get 5850 ..& i am afraid that 5850 may only match with 2.0 & 2.1 mobo not even 1.0 ...& what if my mobo is 1.0 or 1.1 ? What do you suggest me to do about geting 5850 ?

    Your wrong. And saying both that all PCIE cards will fit a PCIE slot and that you think a 5850 wont ?? Both are compatable with each other but there are a few exceptions and on top of that you will need the correct Bios to support newer cards in a lot of cases. Thats why you should do as suggested and check the supported list as it will not only tell you if the card is supported but you can also check which Bios is needed.

  20. Quote:
    & can you see what brands of 5850 are 2.0 ? Thanks a lot . its ok if you dont like to that for me . THANKS
  21. No matter what BIOS it needs ... Cant i just FLASH my BIOS to the version that 5850 WANTS ? I wanted to know what BRANDS of 5850 are PCI 2.0 ... for example what is GIGABYTE one its 2.0 or 2.1 ? & have some one tried to install 2.1 Card on 1.1 Mobo ?
    as i read on box it was like this 1.1 ?!?!? so i dont know which 5850 i should get that be great choose ? help me Please
  22. So many say that ASUS is number 1 but its PCI 2.1 .... are you sure that that LIttle .1 can bother me ? I should keep my mobo or throw it in recycle Bin ??
  23. Hi people .. I am ready to get 5850 & install it on my GA P31 DS3L ...but last thing that i worry about is that MOBO PCI e Version is 1.1
    & 5850's is 2.1 so do they can match with togother & 5850 get installed safe & easy ??

    First Clear somthing how good is GA P31 DS3L for new hardwares ?
    I even gonna get new CPU Q9400 & TX650 Watt ...but i realy cant pay for more to change my 2x2GB ddr2 800MHZ rams & my MOBO ??? now what do you think what i should do ???
  24. O o... You aren't research before you bought that 2.1 card?
    Well, many issues with 1.1 mobo running 2.1 card. Since you already have the card then just install it and post again if you have problem... :)

    Updating your mobo driver can help you, in case your HD5850 aren't successfully installed.
  25. I should research enough before geting 5850 know if 5850 will work fine on my rig
    here is my RIG & below is my questions ..please answer them.

    MOBO: GA P31 DS3L Rev 1.1
    CPU: will BE Q9400
    PSU: will be tx 650
    RAM: 2x2Gb 800MHZ ddr2
    VGA: my current vga is 9600GT 1GB

    now please answer:
    1.will 5850 work on this rig without anyproblem? much is performance hit ?
    3.which 5850s are PCI e 2.0 ? { need BRAND NAME }
    4.first ur saying it would be fine & after that your saying 2.1 may not work ..please EXPLAIN with little more details & tell me what to do ???
  26. CAN u gueranty that if i get 2.0 CARD ... i will no have any issues with my CARD & MOBO ?? issues mean sort of them that consern to the PCI slot VERSIOn not another thign .
  27. If you get a PCIe 2.0 card, there is very less chance of getting compatibility problems.
  28. 1. If you aren't sure about your PCIE slot version then just get HD5850 2.0 version, you won't see the different on their performance (HD5850 2.1 vs HD5850 2.0).
    2. You won't see it.
    3. Many brands sells HD5850 2.0 version, like this one:
    4. USUALLY, you must update your Mobo driver/BIOS to get the 2.1 card works on 1.0/1.1 pcie slot mobo.
  29. Oh thanks . so do you know what i worry about that 2.0 version be more slower than 2.1 & ..all good brands of 5850 are 2.1 .... so please suggest me a good brands of 2.0 too { not overclocked please } ....what about GIGABYTE brand or XFX ? i need brands that not easly having problems & work for long time like ASUS
  30. Sapphire is a good brand.
    If you don't want OC card then get this one:
    much more cheaper than the OC version.
  31. SO FLASH isnt upgarde or something it ? so your saying if i flash my mobo & update the drivers & then i can easly get 2.1 ? or 2.1 still be unsuitable choose for me ?
  32. I downloaded a flash for my mobo ...but i did not flash it ...because i waiting for its time .. FLASHING the mobo will costs as high as buying something ?
  33. The BRANDs that has PCI 2.0 arnt that famouse as XFX ASUS & GIGA how do i trust them ? is XFX & GIGA 2.0 ?
  34. 5850 isnt toy ...every time i go for it ..something still unclear ...each time question was about something else as i said it s the last thing that i worry about ....

    Because i havnt bought it i am afraid of it ....AFTER that when we were cheating we were talk about something else .... or much of the time you were online but you did not respond

    So i am so close to solve my Problem ... So instead of insulting me ...& clear things for me ....when they say yes it work fine ..they not finish with that ...something else is coming ...someone say u may have problem with 2.1 version . so how can every thing be clear ? what do you think ?
  35. Get the 2.0 version, youll be fine
    If problems occur, we can walk you thru them
    You wont know this until you buy the card
    Until then, its up to you
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    Simple Question about MOBO ?
    Last thing that i worry about !
  37. Ok DIPANKAR2007ind ...please just give me the time to chat ...
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