Quick gtx 470 question

i just read the thread about the gtx 470s and best manufactures, and didnt see anything about pny.. can i get some opinions on that.. What do u think about the PNY GTX 470 b/c i was thinking about buyin


i was gonna buy one off ebay, but there was no returns so i figured buy the one from there i can always return it if something is bad.

Second question.. prob stupid.. but all gtx 470s have "fermi" right.. im not really sure what it is.. i just know i want it LOL. i just saw some cards state that it does and some card descriptions and details dont state it, so...

Thx for the help in advance
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  1. GTX4xx are FERMI cards. :)

    About PNY, hmm, you can read the reviews to judge about their quality.
  2. PNY is a good brand, not the best, but never had a problem with them in the past.

    Palit i would avoid, had 2x GTX 470s returned due to the fan blades being extremtly weak. 1 broke of in transit, the other whilst playing Starcraft II.

    If you buy a GPU brand new, make isnt really in question as all come with warranty, more so than others - And again, it depends on how often you upgrade, i do every 2 years or so, so anything over 2 years warranty for me is pointless.

    Also aswell, if you are looking at a factory OC'd GPU, it may come with 1 year warranty as standard, check before purchase.
  3. PNY offers a limited lifetime warranty if registered within 30 days. Gimmick or not, they will offer you some compensation years from now if the card dies. You can't beat that imo.
    I don't buy specifically to get a warranty, I choose by model for what appeals to me, but if I get the warranty its a added bonus.
  4. Right right... so i mean for that price ... 269.99 plus 5.99 = 275.98 for a gtx 470, barring frys having a really good deal this weekend, i shud just buy that. Thats a good price for a gtx 470 right? i mean its prob not the cheapest i can get it for.. but its definitely isnt too expensive for that right?
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