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Video card died, suggestions for an upgrade

Hello, My video card just died a few days ago. I was running a nvidia 8800GTX on a nforce 680i motherboard. I'm trying to decide what new card to go with. I have 4gb of ram, and a core 2 duo e6600. Running windows 7 64bit. I was thinking of buying the EVGA Geforce GTS 450. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate some help. Oh and I would say my budget is about $200 or less. Thanks.
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  1. Well, save a little bit and get GTX460, that's a worth upgrade from 8800GTX... :)
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    Hello and welcome to the forums
    I agree with wa1,GTS 450 is faster than a 8800GTX but not much, a GTX 460 would be a great upgrade.
    And here is one for under $200
    However your CPU may bottleneck your VGA especially if you play at low resolutions(1680x1050 and lower)
  3. ^+1, Just cause :na:

    Anyways... I recommend a 5770 or GTS 460, The 5770 will be a slight improvement in power, a bigger upgrade in feature-set, The 460 does big improvements on both

    Even though at this point it's not necessary, Whats your PSU?
  4. Well I did end up going with the 460. I checked out the 5770 but with the 460 I can add another card in SLI if I want to. Went with the MSI cyclone 1gb overclocked. Good price, just a tad over 200 and the warranty was a little longer than the others. Works great. Thanks for the advice to all who replied.
  5. That's a great card,happy gaming :D
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