Compatible CPU?

Hey guys i have the following question:

I would like to get the E5700 as a upgrade to my current P4 processor but im not sure if it will work or even fit for that matter, im willing to go down a few brackets if needed. the E5700 is the fastest cpu with a FSB 800 so thats why chose it + the store is close to home.

If you need some more info just ask

I would appreciate some help :)

(i know i should upgrade my whole pc but i dont play that many games, even my P4 with my current 8800GT(bottleneck :P) still runs the games i play with decent fps except for a few games hence i only wanna upgrade my cpu)
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    What model is ur rig?
  2. Thanks, Its a Dell if thats what u mean
    I cant overclock or make any changes like that in the bios
  3. hmm i cant edit for some reason, but i think i know what u mean now

    its a dell optiplex gx280
  4. Not, you can't upgrade.
  5. ah thats too bad, thanks for the help
  6. Your welcome :)

    I'd think more in a new build that an upgrade.
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