ASUSTeK Computer INC P5QL PRO Rev 1 xx

What is the best cpu I can put on this motherboard?

ASUSTeK Computer INC P5QL PRO Rev 1 xx
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  1. and on top of that I was wondering if there is a program that can detect your motherboard and tell you what upgrades you can make to your memory, video card.. etc.
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    CPU for o/c would be Q9550S, if no o/c then QX9770, may cost a few £££.

    Will support any current video card, if your psu has enough wattage and power connections.

    Memory @ DDR2-800 you can fit 4x4GB G-Skill F2-6400CL5Q-16GNQ

    memory @ DDR2-1066 you can fit 4x2GB Geil GB24GB8500C5DC

    Of course, you need to be running a x64 o/s.
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