Memory Errors - what should I do?

I have an HP desktop that orignally had 6gb memory that I upgraded to 12 GB 3 months ago, with no problems at that time.

The monthly diagnostic program (HP Hardware Diagnostic Tool v6, powered by PC-Doctor) now reports failed tests, such as Bit Low Test, Nibble Move Test, Checkerboard Test, etc....

I then ran the MS memory test program that required me to restarty the computer and it reported NO errors.

The computer is running OK, no crashes but it could run faster (but that seems to be always the case).

Would it be OK to ignore the memory error reports, or is this something that needs to be addressed asap? Obviously the new memory is suspect, but it is not easily accessible.

Thanks, george
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    I wouldn't worry to much about it to be honest. If you are not getting Blue Screens or system failure it really probably wouldn't affecting you too much. Worst case scenario, a memory module were to fail, they are easily replaced and with the cost of them so low right now, they are easily expendable.

    Most likely you have a bad section of RAM that throws an error on your testing software. The reason for it not effecting your system to much is because it is rarely/if ever used (probably located on the higher end of your 12GB of memory)
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  3. Well, to wrap this up, the problem is solved - or perhaps its better to say that it has disappeared.
    I repeated the tests today for the fifth time, expecting the same error reports, but now the memory passes without any red flags! The only "significant" thing I have done in the intervening period was make room on my hard drive which had less than 5% free space available.
    Go figure....
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